Proton HD | 30′ | 7 Camera HD Trailer

P R O T O N  H D 
Proton 30ft HD Trailer 

30ft. 7-Camera mobile unit 


Proton Info Sheet
Proton 30ft HD Trailer



Really powerful and Perfect for shows, that need a small OBV footprint!

This is the only local HD multi- camera tv truck that lives in Las Vegas.

  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • Parades
  • Indoor Concerts
  • Music Festivals
  • Corporate Events



Ross Carbonite 24 input 2 M/E HD Switcher w/ 4 miniMe’s

Ross BlackStorm 2Ch Clip Server

Abekas ClipStore MxC     

2 Ch Clip Server

Lance TDC100 Controller

72×144 HD Router


Miranda Kaleido, Black Magic Design and Ross Multiviewers





7x GVG LDK6000 Cameras

5x Super Xpander Sleds

2x Fuji 70x box lens

2x Canon Super21x box lens

2x Fuji 17x

1x Canon 4.7 wide

Vinten Vector 70 heads

Sachtler Tripods





Chyron HyperX3 2ch Duet Lyric 8.5/8.7 MS Office, Photoshop

MAC MINI Station w/ ADOBE CC and FCPX, BMD Thunderbolt I/O

JBL Speakers.





NewTek 425 3-Play

(4in -2 out) Second Unit Replay -Including EVS upon request.

8x AJA KiPro Racks

Black Magic Hyperdeck

1x Sony DVW 1800HDCam





Berhinger x32


40-Input, 25-Bus Digital Mixing Console with 32 Programmable MIDAS Preamps, 25 Motorized Faders, 16 matrix outputs.

RTS 32 Port Cronus Intercom

Telecast Adder Fiber System

3x Daltech Stations

3x RTS Tif / JK Audio Phone Interfaces

7x RTS 325 belt packs

6x Ch IFB





3x 250′ DT-12 / fan outs/stage boxes 

16 ch AES50 digital 300′ Snake  

6000′ of Camera Triax

1x 300′ HDSDI 5-Pair

4x 100′ HDSDI 5-Pair

4x Panasonic 17″ HDSDI Mons

3x Panasonic 9″ HDSDI Mons





34’L -8.5’W -13’H


Single Phase 208-240/120




18’L -8’W -11’H