Mark Ott

Mark Ott

Mark Ott is a available as a professional video consultant.

When your facility building project demands the highest level of professionalism, Mark Ott is the video consultant you need with the experience and insight to create an award-winning facility that will surpass all of your clients’ expectations.

Editing and post supervising full-time for network shows since 1993, Mark’s talents have been shared with all types of programming, from talk shows and high-end magazine shows, to ESPN and espn2 Outdoors. He knows video production and therefore knows what is needed by your producers, directors and editors to produce the best quality product.

As the founder of 808 Post & Productions, Inc. in Las Vegas as well as several other companies, Mark has created both compact as well as extensive video production utilizing his systems integration and workflow designing expertise to the fullest.

An expert cameraman, sound technician and video editor whose work has been broadcast worldwide, Mark is versed in all aspects of video production. These talents are invaluable in the design and construction of video technical facilities that cater to all disciplines of video production.
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