JAS – HD 29′ Remote Truck

808 Post & Production is proud to welcome JAS Digital to our family!

JAS 29′ Truck specs are here.

JAS Digital brings cutting edge HD production techniques to the mid-truck market. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, our HD Mobile production truck is available throughout the southwest. Although we employ the latest in file based production/post production techniques and equipment, the HD Mobile Truck includes industry standard production equipment and workflows you expect.

In addition to being a production ready mobile truck, our mobile platform features the latest software. All systems in this tapeless workflow are anchored by Rorke Data’s Aurora storage appliance, delivering nearly 900 megabytes per second of aggregate throughput. AJA KiPROs and Kona Cards provide the dependable IO required while running on the latest Apple and Hp workstations.

Although new computer technology continues to drive the state of the art, reliable field equipment is still required. Come see the latest in monitoring from Cinetal and Marshall, as well as the Clear-Com’s Eclipse-PiCo Matrix and Tempest Digital Wireless communication systems. Of course any production or post production environment requires patch bays, and we have the best: Bittree. The MTDP features fibre connectivity to all external devices, including our 32×8 LightViper stage box, as well as our Volamp Camlinx camera control systems. All this high-grade functionality is supported by cool and classy SmartTrac Consoles from TBC. Our mobile platform delivers the newest and most respected technology for Production and Post-Production in a smart and comfortable environment, with all the tools you need right at your fingertips.

JAS Truck Control Room

Whether you work in 3D, Red, stereoscopic, or HD, JAS Digital is committed to providing complete solutions and expertise to meet your pipeline needs.
Step into the HD Mobile truck and enjoy a comfortable environment with features not found on other production trucks. Our custom designed consoles feature translucent blue lucite work surfaces and a contemporary design.

With file based ingest, you can go from production to post production in seconds. Capture Apple ProResHQ on the fly and edit with Final Cut Pro. Our Rorke Data Aurora Storage system is the hub of HD Mobile truck. Providing 14 Terabytes of storage and 900 Megabytes a second throughput, the Aurora delivers the throughput necessary to capture and playback multiple streams of HD footage. Edit, composite, compress and deliver directly from the HD Mobile truck.

For live production, the New Wave employs industry standard gear you can rely on: Sony 1.5 ME MFS-2000 Switcher, Chyron HyperX character generator, Harris Panacea 32×32 routers, Clear-Com Pico Matrix 32 Channel Communications, Marshall monitors, etc.
Our camera systems have been designed to provide the best field production with simple and fast deployment. Our four brand new PDW-700 camera packages include Fujinon Premier Series HD lenses, Marshall monitors, Fujinon lens controllers, Sachtler tripods, and fibre optic connections to the truck.

JAS Truck Shading Station

The HD Mobile truck is the perfect combination between form and function, blending technology and functionality with stylish comfort effortlessly.