808 Post & Production is a collection of pros that live for video. Geeks? Yeah, sure. There’s a few of those in our ranks. But then there’s also the dreamers who create incredible storylines and visuals that the geeks turn into video magic. Nice partnership, don’t you think?

So why “808” you ask?  Well, we’ll tell you it isn’t about Hawaii’s area code and doesn’t have anything to do with the lucky 8 in numerology. No 8 ball reference either.

You really want to know?  Let us do our magic with your next video project and maybe, just maybe, while you’re with us editing late at night, we might tell you.  Oh no, not the dreamers.  It would be the geeks that spill the beans. We know that.

If you’d like a team that is as passionate about your project as you are, let’s talk.